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Starting from 0.8.0, iTerm no longer requires monospace fonts. For older versions, you need a monospace font for correct display. In Addition, the font should include all the graphical characters if you plan to use curses based programs that use them, such as mc. Unfortunately, there are not many such fonts available. The fonts we tested to work well are listed here. If you have some nice fonts that you can share with us, please feel free to email us.

UTF-8 patch for tcsh 6.12.00

By Yuichi OHKAWA

The tcsh pre-installed in Mac OS X has many problems dealing with utf-8. If you input mult-bytes characters to tcsh, this patch may help you to edit the characters.

Download from here

Tips for using zsh with iTerm

Provided by Marius Wyx

There are people with hints on ways to customize the title bar and tabs, a much simpler way when using zsh is to do the following:

   precmd () {
     echo -n "\033]1;$USERNAME@$HOST^G\033]2;$PWD>    - $USERNAME@$HOST

   PROMPT='%m %B%3c%(#.#.>)%b '

(NOTE: ^G is CTRL-G, you need to basically enter it using ^V^G)

Much simpler and does not require anything special. (apart from zsh)

Also in zsh, the command line completion I have expanded to be /Applications/ aware:

if [ "`uname`" = "Darwin" ]; then
   compctl -f -x 'p[2]' -s "`/bin/ls -d1 /Applications/*/*.app
/Applications/*.app | sed 's|^.*/\([^/]*\)\.app.*|\\1|;s/ /\\\\ /g'`"
-- open
   alias run='open -a'

typing: "open -a " and then pressing tab will try and complete any application... (added an alias run as well)