Time to say goodbye

from Fabian, 2011/08/07

I was a graduate student when Ujwal and I met online and decided to start this project together. Mac OS X back then was still a novelty for many UNIX geeks, and it was missing a good terminal emulator. We hoped that iTerm could fill this role. For me, it does. Thanks to the effort by all iTerm developers and the support from our users, I believe iTerm has become one of the best terminal emulator for Mac OS X.

Mac OS X has progressed a lot since we started iTerm. There has been a lot going on in my life too. I got my Ph.D., did my postdoc, and now I am working as neuroscientist trying to solve mysteries of the brain. Yet as a Mac developper, I'm really behind the time. I don't have time to learn the latest things. I have to admit I can no longer contribute to iTerm. There are more suitable things for me. It is time for me to say goodbye.

As Chineses say, all feasts come to an end (天下没有不散的宴席). My fellow developers and our iTerm users, this has been a great one for me. Thank you all.

New Japanese localization package


Once again, Tomoaki Okayama has created a Japanese localization package for the latest 0.10 release. To download, check our Localization page.

Release 0.10


The focus for this release has been on improving performance, stability and reliability. There are a few new features too.

Website Redesign


Just finished the brand new design for our website. I hope you all enjoy the new look.

New localization packages


We have a Japanese localiztion package for the new 0.9.6 from Tomoaki Okayama. To download, check our Localization page.

Release 0.9.6


This is our first release after Leopard was released. Besides the Leopard support, 0.9.6 has the following features and fixes:

New localization packages


To download, check our Localization page. Also updated is the simplified Chinese package for the latest iTerm.

Release 0.9.5


After several months of developping, we proudly present you the latest release of iTerm. Many users have provided us with great feed backs and helped us nail down bugs. Lots of thanks to all of you. Here is the change list:

Go Full Screen!


Happy 2007!! We are continuing working on improving our iTerm. The first exciting new feature we are introducing in the new year is the support for the full screen mode. You can turn any terminal window into full screen. Although the tab bar will be hidden, you can still use your keyboard to navigate between tabs under the full screen mode. You can go to the download page and test the latest CVS build.

0.9.4 for Panther


Merry Christmas to everybody! The build for Panther is finally available. This build includes a few post-0.9.4 fixes. For Tiger users, please download the latest CVS build ( It will be our last build before Christmas.

Release 0.9.4


This version further improves on stability. Further more, we changed the font rendering to make it more in line with other Cocoa applications. Lastly, we have an updated Help that reflects the latest changes in the GUI. We encourage all users who use previous versions to upgrade. New changes include:

Go to the Download page and check it out. We have Tiger only version now. A Panther version will be released after a few issues are addressed.

Font rendering


For people who have complained the less than ideal font rendering behavior of iTerm, we hear you, loud and clear. Our latest cvs build hopefully alleviates some of your pain. You can go to the download page and check it out. If you have played with the stroke width setting before, you might need to set it to 0 before you can see our new rendering effects:

defaults write iTerm StrokeWidth -float 0

Release 0.9.3


This is mainly a bug fix version. The stability has been greatly enhancced. Random crashes that plagued previous 0.9.x version should be largely eliminated. Other changes include:

Go to the Download page and check it out.

Terminfo support is here!


Our latest CVS build features terminfo support. The keyboard mapping of a session will now use the terminfo library. Your customized keymappings will override the terminfo library though. So you should probably remove some settings in your keyboard profile for you to see terminfo at work.

This CVS build also fixes a few embarrassing bugs in the 0.9.2 release. Go to the Download page and check it out.

Release 0.9.2


This new release features a new preference system. It is based on the same "Profiles-oriented" idea of previous version, with enhancement targeted toward the user experiences. The new changes include:

You can find out more details in the ChangeLog. Go to the Download page and check it out.

iTerm It All!


A true geek does everything in command lines, web, ftp, everything. Or maybe your more modest goal is just to get the telnet link to work. Now iTerm features the support to associate URLs with your bookmarks. You can set up a bookmark session with a command like this:

telnet -l $$USER$$ $$HOST$$ $$PORT$$

and then tell OS X that iTerm will be the default handler for the telnet protocol. Next time you click a link in a Safari window such as telnet://, voila, there is your telnet session with the user name, host address and port number passed to it.

Go to the Download page and check it out, or if you are using recent CVS buildings, click "Check For Update" from the iTerm menu.

Sparkling New!


In the latest cvs build, we have added Sparkle framework into our iTerm. That means, now the application will check the update, download the new version and install it all by itself. Well, with your permission, of course.

Go to the Download page and check it out.

Moving on


We received many good feeedbacks on our 0.9.0 release. In the meanwhile, we are moving on to the next release to address many issues that users have raised. The main focus on 0.9.1 version will be the user interface. We will release CVS builds periodically. You are welcome to test-drive the new UI and send us your feedback. Be warned these are alpha quality and you shouldn't rely your critical job on them.

Go to the Download page and check it out.

Release 0.9.0!!!


Thanks to all the people who sent in their suggestion, feedback and bug reports. iTerm 0.9.0 is finally here. We have made the transistion to the new PSMTabBarControl. It gives iTerm a Safari-looking tab system. Further more, it supports drag and drop. This is a major upgrade from 0.8.2. The changes include:

You can find out more details in the ChangeLog. Go to the Download page and check it out.



We are almost ready to put out a new release. The latest CVS build is therefore called Pre-Release. Since we do not think a little bump of number after the 2nd decimal point justifies the change in the release, we are moving to the 0.9.x era. The latest change include a fix of CMD-click to open a URL. Happy clicking!

Go to the Download page and check it out.



Up to today, we have Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Korean localizations. We do not speak most of these languages, at least not well enough to create a complete translation. Our users offered us their help. However, iTerm is still under active developping, and there are lots of changes. It is difficult to keep the translations up to date. Therefore, we would like to adopt a different model for localization. Starting from the coming new release, we will only provide a slim version of iTerm that only includes the resource for English. We will provide downloads for other languages if we receive localization packages from our users. That way, we can focus on creating a bug-free user interface. It will also take some burden off our translators. Whoever would like to help can download an existing localization package, update it and send it back to us.

Many thanks to those who have made their contributions!

Display Responsiveness


Many people have complaints about the refreshing rate and the overall responsiveness of iTerm. We have been trying to strike a balance between CPU usage and program responsiveness. As this balance very much depends on the user hardware as well as software configurations, it should be configurable. So I think many of you would be glad to know that we have added a UI to allow the adujstion of this setting. It's in the preference menu. Use a small number for a faster refreshing rate and better responsiveness, for example, when you are editing a file using vi. On the other hand, if you have a lot things scrolling by quickly that you don't really care, set it to a larger number. This allows CPU to rest a little bit more. The original setting corresponds to the middle of the sliding bar.

Go to the Download page and check out the recent CVS build.

iTerm Growling


We are happily announcing that iTerm now integrates the support for Growl. You need to have Growl installed. Besides a few tab status related messages (you can choose which one you need from Growl's preference setting), iTerm now also supports an escape sequence that sends message via Growl: ESC ]9;string^G.

For example, if you would like to get an alert after a long make, do this under bash will help:

make;  echo $'\e]9;make done\007'

Go to the Download page and check out the recent CVS build.

New Look


We are experimenting with a new tab control (PSMTabBarControl) that can mimic Safari-like tabs. Download the binary build from the latest CVS and check it out.